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Karya Misi Efata

Karya Misi Efata is dedicated to serving children, adults, and seniors with well-proven cognitive exercise programs and assessments. For more than 10 years, we have passionately helped individuals strenthen their brains and improve their lives. Karya Misi Efata is the first learning center in Indonesia to become licensed to offer Arrowsmith Program.

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Train your brain

Arrowsmith Program

Arrowsmith Program is a proprietary suite of cognitive assessments and exercises that target specific cognitive functions. We are the first and only licensed provider of Arrowsmith Program in Indonesia. 

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Our students

Who we help

The cognitive exercises we utilize for our students are effective for all stages of life. Children, teens, adults, and seniors alike, can benefit from a cognitive training program with one of our certified specialists.


Children and teens with learning difficulties can get a wide range of cognitive benefits that can help them excel inside and outside of the classroom.


Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a Fortune 500 CEO, or an adult with dyselxia, our cognitive programs can help take your brain to the next level.


Our cognitive training programs for seniors can help you improve your memory, mental sharpness, and cognitive functions.

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In the Media

With more than 40 years of proven results and well-researched studies, many notable media outlets and organizations have featured the cognitive exercises utilized in the Study Plus+ program, the work of Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the Arrowsmith Program and Arrowsmith Schools, including:


Learn more about Arrowsmith’s cognitive assessment and suite of cognitive exercises.

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