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About Karya Misi Efata

Karya Misi Efata vision is to create opportunities for everyone to be a better person and have a better life.

Meet our Team

Jacinta Rini

Managing Director

Jacinta is a clinical psychologist for more than 25 years of experiences in the field. Starting her career to serve corporation and continue the journey as a corporate clinical consultant management. She spends the last 9 years to be in the field of neuropsychology to serve children and adult who needs specific brain intervention and stimulation to be more equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Maya Sari

Arrowsmith Instructor

Maya Sari is a psychologist who has passion on children and education. She spends 10 years of experience in handling cases involving children, parents and teachers. She is able to design training programs to fit the needs of each person she works with. She always shows her great passion and commitment to help every client she worked with to improve their life and social skills. She is known as an empathetic person, eager to learn new things and hard working person.

Margareta Indah

Teaching Assistant

Indah has been working with children ever since she was a psychology student. Her passion for child development leads Indah to the career in neuroscience as a brain trainer. Education and media are her playground to grow her passion and hobby as she works through social media to share knowledge and social activities which can transform people’s paradigm. Indah loves to be involved in social community projects and is well known for her reliable and conscientious personal quality.

Suyani Sumantri

Operations Manager

Yani has been working more than 18 years as a programmer & system analyst, in addition with 12 years responsible of the organization’s finance, accounting and taxation. As an enthusiastic leader and problem solver, Yani lead the organization’s team management.

Our Mission

We bring experiential learning to activate individual potentialities to make progress through holistic exercise.
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